Full Stack Development

Stick Fit Test Machine

Testing a T15 driver in a locking hexalobe screw. The driver must be able to retain the screw for a minimum number of rotations to pass.

The robot is built around a Raspberry Pi 3 and Arduino Mega. 4 op-amps were required to allow this hardware to communicate with the 10V Instron test machine.

A node.js server connects the whole system, and easily serves this HTML5 user interface. It allows for streamlined input of test parameters as they are needed, saving everything to a MySQL database.

An IR sensor detects when the screw detaches from the driver and stops the machine automatically. Clicking save data sends the user back up to the next step in the test sequence.

Data can be plotted in real time directly from the database. Many features were added to allow better insights into the data, such as the 'hover highlighting' being done in the image to highlight all tests conducted using a particular unique driver.

Further visuals for individual tests. The plot of the hexalobe form of the screw used in a specific tests helps the user identify trends.

Thermodynamic Process Modeling Software & Prototyping

The bench-scale prototype of the Cryogenic Carbon Capture process was able to capture over 99% of CO2 from simulated flue gases, as well as over 99.8% of SO2.

The first version had a simple, streamlined user interface focused on the bench-scale version of Cryogenic Carbon Capture. The process flow diagram labels can be dynamically changed to show temperature or pressure, enabling easy understanding of process response characteristics to different user inputs.

Large laboratory demonstration of Cryogenic Carbon Capture. Key paramaters can be changed directly on the process flow diagram

Energy efficiency is the primary selling point of Cryogenic Carbon Capture, so the results are focused around this goal.

I was the project manager for a large portable demontration unit which can capture over 99% of CO2 from most flue gases. Our demonstration units were all design using the process model.