Wireline Field Engineer

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (2007-2009)

Job Description

Wireline Field Engineers are responsible for leading teams of operators performing wireline logging operations on cased hole wells both on- and off-shore. The role is both physically and mentally demanding and requires a cool head in hazardous environments. Every job involves lowering a custom toolstring down cased wells which can be over 10,000 feet deep, and recording data versus depth. Our sensors could be tailored to measure many aspects of wells, such as flow, bubble point, and case condition. Engineers oversee the assembly of mobile skids on site, troubleshoot and maintain equipment, operate machinery, and monitor data quality for each job. The wireline team often perforate wells at precise depths with high explosive shape chargers to increase flow. We are thoroughly trained to operate pressure control equipment, handle radioactive materials, arm high explosives, and create a final product to deliver to clients.


One of the remote platforms in the Arabian Gulf off the coast of Abu Dhabi. Our equipment was lifted from a boat to the top deck of the platform where we conducted our wireline operations.
Training in the Kellyville Training Center near Tusla Oklahoma. Our small group was composed of people from 8 countries.
Our ride offshore. We were required to take a helicopter underwater escape training course to improve our odds of survival in a crash.
An example of one of the products we delivered to our customers. This is a cement evaluation graph plotted verses depth.
Looking up at the fully assembled toolstring hanging from the wireline. This toolstring is lowered into the well, sometimes over 2 miles deep, and communicates with the surface data aquasition units in realtime. We controlled all the sensors and the depth of the toolstrings from our truck.